Zeolite Book

Zeolite Book


Learn how to make the most of this versatile mineral and protect your self against heavy metals and all areas of health, skin care, first aid, pet care and gardening.

A note from the author: Zeolite has changed my life for the better and there’s not a day goes past that I don’t use it for some reason. It’s not just my life and my family’s lives that been improved because of zeolite powder, but thousands of people throughout Australia and the world who are now using it regularly and finding a vast improvement in their overall health and skin condition.

Brenda White - Co founder of Certified Organic Zeolite.

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Heavy metal pollution may be affecting your health in more ways than you can imagine. Feeling tired or depressed? Don’t feel well and don’t know why? Heavy metal toxicity could be the reason. When heavy metals build up in your body they can interfere with the functioning of your major organs, leading to a wide range of health and skin problems.

Australian Zeolite captures and bonds heavy metals.
– improve your overall health
– make your own zeolite skin care products
– make natural, effective first aid treatments
– save money with pet care and household tips
– invigorate your garden and pot plants