We are asked a thousand and one different questions about what we do. Here are a few common ones.

Are Marlena Oil products safe to use during pregnancy?

Our Pregnancy and Baby Care product is specifically formulated for total safety for both mother and baby. This blend does not contain any essential oils, it is instead made from skin-friendly carrier oils.

To our knowledge our products have no risk to pregnancy when used in the manner we prescribe.
Marlena Oil is committed to providing accurate information, however this information is not intended to replace the advice from your qualified medical practitioner.

What if I have a reaction to the products?

Where one has an experience of an adverse reaction to any skin application substance, the best course of action is to discontinue use and if necessary consult you medical practitioner to establish whether you have experienced an irritation an allergy.

In the unlikely event that you experience an adverse reaction to a Marlena Oil product, please discontinue and return it to the place of purchase. Do not hesitate to contact us with the details of your reaction.

Please refer to our Shopping and Shipping policy for further information regarding the conditions of return and exchange.

If you have experienced a reaction, we recommend you stop using all products for a full week, giving your skin time to recover. If your skin continues to react after discontinuing use of the oil, we suggest you consult with a dermatologist or skin care specialist.

Will Marlena Oil aggravate sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin can be varied and unpredictable. This may be attributed to life style options, diet, the environment, household cleaning agents or contact with allergens. Often these elements are unavoidable, at Marlena Oil we endeavor to create products that combat these every day issues.
Our products have been trialed in natural health clinics around New Zealand for the past twenty years, and combined with the feedback from clients and testing it on ourselves, we have created a range that we believe can benefit all skin types and many common issues.

Will the essential oil blends of Marlena Oil make my skin oily?

Scientific research has found that plant extracted essential oils closely resemble human skin in terms of their physical and chemical composition, meaning that the skin easily absorbs essential, botanical oils.

In some rare cases the skin may be very dry to the extent that the pores form a closed barrier to liquid absorption and the oil tends to sit on the surface for a longer than normal period. In this case it is best to apply a small amount more regularly, two to three times daily so that the oils can penetrate down to the deepest “basal layer” of the skin where they can build up a liquidity that will over time become fully hydrated skin.

All of the oils we use are obtained through steam distillation or cold pressing. These methods provide light, greaseless oils that are much kinder to skin than synthetic mineral oils.

What are the effects of topically applied essential oil blends on my skin?

The carefully selected essential oils we use in our skin care products aim to encourage the healing and regeneration of skin cells. The anti-oxidant properties found in essential oils help to nourish the skin, while hydrating, softening and regenerating it. 
Like the use of lemon juice to slow the process of a peeled apple going brown, essential oils affect our skin in a similar way. They contain chemical compounds (sesquiterpenes, esters, aldehydes, ketones, phenols and oxides) that help to heal long-standing issues including rosacea, acne, dermatitis and dry skin.

What are essential oils?

An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils, aetherolea, or simply as the “oil of the plant from which they were extracted”, such as oil of clove. An oil is “essential” in the sense that it contains the “essence of” the plant’s fragrance.

There are various plant extraction methods used to produce essential oils, we use products that are either steam distilled or cold pressed.
We do not use essential oils that have been extracted using solvents.

Essential oils have been used medicinally throughout history.

Does Marlena Oil use sustainable Packaging?

We endeavour to be a responsible company, working always to lessen our environmental footprint and improve our practices. We use recyclable glass, recycled cardboard and paper while still retaining the aesthetic quality of our products, but without compromising the stability and integrity of our products.

Does Marlena Oil use Palm Oil?

We do not use palm oil and do not wish to support unsustainable deforestation.
We understand that there are environmentally sustainable palm extraction departments that exist without threat to forests. These farms are certified by “Pro Forest’ who help companies, government departments and non governmental and civil society organisations to achieve the sustainable use of the world’s natural resources.
Their assessments cover environmental impact on the soil, water, air, biodiversity and local communities. The lands the farmers use are not lands that were deforested. The lands used to grow the palm oil fruit, are areas previously used for agricultural purposes i.e. cattle, rice, banana.

Are Marlena Oil products organic or natural?

We are often asked if Marlena Oil products are certified organic, organic, or natural, or both.
We fully recognise the benefits of organic raw material and make every effort to use only organic raw material in our products.

On occasion we may use a non-organic ingredient, where the organic option is unavailable, or the air miles required to import it would generate an environmental concern of its own, but our raw material is always from plant origin.

Though our products may not always be 100% organic, it is important to note that we strive to be as organic as possible and that none of our products contain parabens, colourants, artificial fragrances, pearlising agents, anti caking agents, silicones, petrolatum, petrolatum derived products, palm oil or mineral oils.

We do not claim to be completely organic or pure, though the practices involved in producing the essential oils we use may be organic, we cannot guarantee that the seeds have not been mixed with non-organic seeds or that the surrounding environment is entirely free of synthetic material. It would be dishonest and irresponsible to claim that we are ‘purely organic’, so we do not.

Are Marlena Oil products tested on animals?

The Marlena Oil ethos is to respect all forms of life, and to act in a responsible, accountable and transparent manner.
We do not test any of our products on animals, nor do we commission any external parties to test products on our behalf.
All products are tested for safety and irritancy using therapeutic practices on human volunteers.

Why does Marlena Oil use glass containers for the blends?

All our products are packaged in pharmaceutical grade blue glass, so as to protect the therapeutic qualities of the botanical extracts and essential oils, the stability of which cannot be guaranteed if presented in clear glass or plastic.

Where is the best place to store my Marlena Oil products?

We recommend you keep your products in a cool place away from direct sunlight. It is best to re-attach your lid after use, as essential oil efficacy can be compromised by direct contact with air exposure.

Can I use Marlena Oil products under makeup?

Yes, Marlena Oil can be worn under makeup. Allow a few minutes for Marlena Oil to fully absorb in to your skin before applying makeup.

We do have recommendations from make up and body painting artists as to the efficacy of Marlena Oil before make up is applied. Please refer to our testimonials page.

Do Marlena Oils have an expiry date?

The label on your Marlena Oil product displays “use after one year of opening”.
This is indicative of how many months the product will be at its best.
During our trialing and testing I have used products for up to five years and I stopped counting after that, but I recommend that you use them in the first year of opening.
- Marlena

Do Marlena Oil products contain parabens?

No Marlena Oil product contains parabens, colourants, artificial fragrances, pearlising agents, anti caking agents, silicones, petrolatum, petrolatum derived products, palm oil or mineral oils.

What Marlena Oil product should I use?

If you are trying out a new product, we recommend patch-testing the oil on a small area away from your face; your arm is a good test area as you can clearly see what is happening.
Allow twenty-four hours to assess your skin’s response. If you find there is no reaction, repeat the process. Again, allow twenty-four hours for assessment.
If neither of these tests result in an adverse reaction apply a small amount of the oil to your face, then slowly increase the amount over time.

If it is your first time using Marlena Oil or you are experimenting with new Marlena Oil products, we recommend visiting one of our stockists before buying online. This way, you can test to see if your skin will have a reaction before buying online.
We also offer consultations over the phone and via e-mail. We are happy to discuss any skin concerns with you and suggest which of our products are best suited to your skin.

All ingredients used in Marlena Oil products have been extensively researched and tested for their safety, reliability and irritation potential. If you have any concerns regarding our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at:
or on
+64 3 527 8416.

What should I do if my order has been damaged in transit?

If an item has been damaged in transit, Marlena Oil will provide a full refund or exchange shipped free of charge.

Please email us immediately at


Can I exchange an item that has been purchased online?

Yes, please post the item to:
Marlena Oil
PO Box 192
Vic 3437,

Tel +61 0432 509920

If sending by post, you are responsible for the applicable shipping and additional postage charges.
Alternatively you can take your item with your original receipt of purchase to our flagship

All items must be return unopened and in their original saleable condition to be eligible for exchange.
Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy for further information.

Is there a limit to amount of items I can order?

You can order up 6 items of the same product per order. If you wish to place a large order please contact us via our email

When can I expect to receive my order?

When the order is being delivered to an Australian address, it would arrive within 3-4 days, New Zealand address via Standard courier we hope to have your order to you within 5-7 working days, from the date on the order receipt.
All other countries between 7-10 working days.
During Monday - Friday.
Excluding public holidays.

Do I need to sign for the delivery of my product?

No signatue is required for all deliveries.
Orders are sent via registered mail or courier tracking.

How can I enhance my security when I shop online?

Marlena Oil makes every effort to ensure the safety of your personal information when visiting our online store, however, please note that there are a few additional measures that customers can take to enhance online security.

  • Ensure that you internet browser is up to date and it is the latest version, this helps to keep intruders out.
  • Install a trust worthy anti-virus software program and keep up with regular security updates.
  • Choose unique passwords, change them frequently and keep them stored in a private place
  • If you are concerned that you have been to the target of internet fraudulent activity, contact your bank straight away and cancel your credit cards.

What will Marlena Oil send me if I sign up to the Newsletter?

Marlena Oil’s newsletter shares news and information about home remedies, health, skin, food, writing and things that inspires us.

We do not pass your details to any other party or customer database.

You can sign up to receive the newsletter at the bottom of the page.

What are the shipping rates?

- We offer free shipping within Australia.
- New Zealand shipping is free for purchases of $44.95 or more.
- Rest of the World $19.95

Can I purchase over the phone?

Yes, you can order by phone, or email at salesmarlenaoil@gmail.com.

Tel : +61 0432 509920

Can my order be gift-wrapped?

Marlena Oil is pleased to offer complementary gift-wrapping for your online order. During the check out process, when asked if you would like to include a gift message, please also indicate that you would like your order gift-wrapped.

You are able to nominate a shipping address that differs from your own during the checkout process. We will be in touch by email to double check the gift address.

Where is the nearest Marlena Oil store or stockist?

Marlena Oil is now sold primarily online.

You can find our list of stockists here.